A total of 40 countries participated in the 50th addition of the Eurovision Song Contest which was take place in Kiev on 19 and 21 May 2005.

RAccording to the format, 14 countries have secured their place in the Grand Final, including this year's winner (Ukraine), the four largest countries in the contest (France, Germany, Spain and the UK), and the nine top scoring countries from the previous competition. These countries are: Albania (RTVSH); Bosnia & Herzegovina (JSBIH/PVSBIH); Cyprus (Cy/CBC); Greece (ERT); Malta (MT/PBS); Russia (C1R/RTR); Serbia & Montenegro (YRT/RTS/RTCG); Sweden (SVT); Turkey (TRT).
The event, was hosted by Ukrainian national broadcaster, NTU, comprised two live televised contests in one week – a Qualifying Round and a Final – which was broadcast live from Kiev over the Eurovision network.

Martin Vucic with Make my day was our representative and he has secured his place in the Grand Final.


A total of 36 countries participated in the 49th addition of the Eurovision Song Contest which was take place in Istanbul,Turkey.
Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” received 280 points, closely beating Serbia & Montenegro’s Zeljko Joksimovic with 263 points and Greece’s Sakis Rouvas who came third with 252 points.
Tose Proeski was our representative with Life is...end he has secured his place in the Grand Final.


The venue of Skonto in Riga hosted the 48th edition of Eurovision Song Contest. 26 countries, the record holding number ever, for the first time have been launching the idea for immediate amendment of the participating rules, being urged particularly due to the immense amount of interest in pursuing presence at this event. Sertab Erener won the victory with 'Every Way that I Can', amalgamating pop, rap and oriental tunes and dances elements, which brought Turkey the first award in the history of the above Eurovision spectacle. Merhaba Istanbul!


The 47th edition of Eurovision Song Contest took place in Tallinn on 25 May, where Macedonia resumed partaking the above event after the break of 1 year period. As a winner of Skopje Festival 2002, Karolina Gocheva represented the colors of Macedonia with her song titled as 'Od nas zavisi' (It Depends on Us). Scheduled under 9 for appearance, she won the 19th place by scoring 24 points. Marie Naumova won the Final Contest scoring 176 points with her song, as well as paving the path for the Baltic region to host the next Eurosong.


This edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in front of the record holding number of 38,000 spectators at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen. The winners were Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL from Estonia with their title 'Everybody'.


Thanks to Charlotte, the winner of Eurosong 1999, Sweden became a host of the unique Eurovision spectacles took place on 13 May 2000. Selection was organized at the Globen Arena, well known as a pure architecture miracle designed for hosting about 16,300 spectators. Even 14 out of 24 entries represented with their songs in English, and the remainders of 10 countries were performing in their indigenous languages. The winners were already famous the Olsen Brothers from Denmark. The XXL from Macedonia won the 15th position with '100% te ljubam' (100% I Love You).