Elena was contracted to "M2" (Macedonian Music Productions) in 2002 when she won first place in the talent contest, "Search for a New Star", singing the winning song "Ona drugoto" (That Other Thing).

In 2003 she promoted her first album "Den i Nok" (Day and Night) which became an instant success in Macedonia.

Two of the prestigious awards Elena has won are:

  • "SMS Hit of the Year" as voted by the listeners of Antenna 5 radio;
  • "Female Singer of the Year" as voted by the listeners of MS television;
  • She was voted "Otkritie na godinata" (Discovery of the year) by "Zlatna Buba Mara" (Golden Lady Bug), an annual popularity contest.
  • In 2004 she performed at the "Golden Stage Festival" in Brasov, Romania and in 2005 she performed her hit single, "Ni na nebo, ni na zemja" (Neither heaven nor earth) at the "Suncane Skale" (Sun Stairs) festival in Montenegro.

    Her music videos are constantly on the playlist of MTV Adria and she has written many lyrics for some of the most popular singers in Macedonia.

    Elena was born on April 27th 1986. She is studying Italian language and literature.

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