Macedonian Radio Television (MKRTV) is a public nationwide broadcasting organization founded by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. There are four production departments working across the MKRTV's channels: Information, Documentaries, Culture & Light Entertainment) and Education. Its output provides wide variety of programmes dedicated to the Diaspora disseminated throughout Europe, including expatriates throughout overseas countries via the MKRTV's satellite network.

Macedonian Radio was launched on 28 December 1944, and Macedonian Television entered into airing on 14 December 1964.

Macedonian Radio broadcasts across the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia airing programmes on 6 different channels:

  • * Channel 1 (Primary Channel of Radio Skopje)
  • * Channel 2
  • * Programmes in the languages of nationalities and ethnic communities
  • * Channel 103
  • * Radio Macedonia
  • * Channel 3 - culture topics Macedonian Television broadcasts programmes on 3 channels, including satellite programming being operational across MKRTV since five years ago. Its daily output includes programmes in the languages of ethnic communities, e.g. Albanian, Turkish, Vlach, Roma and Serbian, covering programming segments composed of information, documentaries, music and educational contents.
  • Music and Cassette Production Department of MKRTV produces music materials of all genres for MKRTV's programming purposes, including soundtracks, as well as hosting of numerous music events.

    Marketing Department of MKRTV provides services consisting of commercial offer (advertising video material, commercials, specially designed programmes, etc.). Leasing of advertising space by selling available slots follows the aforementioned function of the above department.

    MKRTV has developed in-depth approach in terms of researching listeners and viewership figures in terms of its output.