As part of her promotional tour the past weekend Elena Risteska were in Istanbul, Turkey. There she was guest on the Turkish National Television TRT in the BINGO show, which is one of the most popular TV shows in Turkey.
Elena Risteska had interview and performed the Eurovision song “Ninanajna”. The music video was also broadcasted on the air.

Elena also had other interviews for local TV stations, and she also met the members of the Eurovision fan club OGAE from Turkey. They congratuated on winning the MIS Eurosong 2006 which was organized by the Polish Eurovision fans.

There was a huge interest in Turkey for Elena Risteska and “Ninanajna”. To the demand of the medium stations “Ninanajna” is sent to over 70 europe TV and radio stations.

As part of their promotional tour through Europe, and invited by the Macedonian Television girls from the Holland group “Treble” which are this year Eurosong representative from Holland were visiting Macedonia. They have met Elena and changed opinions and promotional materials. They also said that “Ninanajna” is their favorite and by their opinion Elena will reach high points in the Eurovision Song contest 2006.

As part of the Elena`s promotional tour this weekend she will travel in Istanbul, Turkey where she will be guest in a TV Show which is broadcasted on the Turkey`s National Television, and also in countries printed and electronic mediums.

Short visit this weekend in Skopje will have the Croation representative Severina. This visit is also organized by the Macedonian Television. Severiana will be guest on the Macedonian Television and will be a special guest of the M2 Production.

We would like to inform you that Elena Risteska had a very sucssesful medium campaign in Athens, Greece.

She was guest on the Greek National Television – ERT 1, MAD TV (simmilar to the worlds music television - MTV) where she had one hour interview. She was guest also on TV STAR where she performed on the LIVE SHOW and also made a statement for the late night news for ALTER TV, MEGA TV. Eleha had interview for LOVE radio, DOWN TOWN magazine and other music related magazines. The interview with Elena was published online on the www.oikotimes.com, and on Monday the interview with Elena was published on the official eurovision song contest website – www.eurovisionathens.gr

Elena`s team is very pleased from the visit in Athens, because the song and the music video are often broadcasted on the greeks radios and TV stations.

Last weekend Elena was visiting Sarajevo, where she was guest on the National Television in Bosnia and Hercegovina on the “Feminem Show”. The show was broadcast on the 31.03.2006 and besides Elena Risteska, there were Hari Mata Hari, Severina, Anzej Dezan.

Elena Risteska performed in live with the macedonian version of the eurovision song “Ninanajna”.

Journalists were all over Elena and took brief interviews which were published in daily newspapers Oslobodzenje I Dnevni Avaz. On Thursday Elena went for Athens, where she will stay a couple of days. The visit will be used for apperance on the National Television ERT 1 and also in some local TV and Radio stations.

Elena Risteska, the Macedonian representative at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, participated in the revue part of the Eurosong (National Eurosong Selection of Serbia and Montenegro). She sang the winning song NINANAJNA and drew an exceptional interest of the journalists.

The media representatives from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro insisted to interview the young pop star.

Third picture is from the general rehersal.

Macedonia has selected its representative for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Elena Ristevska with the song “Ninanajna”, authored by the team Darko Dimitrov & Rade Vrcakovski, will represent us on the 18th of May at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens.

The National Selection took place in the Studios 3 and 2 of the Macedonian Television. The winning song was decided by way of televoting, carried out through the stationary telecommunication system and the two mobile operators. Following the voting which lasted ten minutes, the winning song was announced. Elena Ristevska won the highest number of votes - 6999 - and she is the Macedonian representative at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

The song “Ljubov e...” performed by Adrijan and Esma, won the second place with 6866 votes, while the third place went to “More od solzi” sung by Lambe Alabakovski.

Having in mind the information of the Macedonian Telecommunications from 14.02.2006, regarding the suggested televoting mode for the National Selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest (limitation of maximum 3 votes per phone number), stating:
“...This kind of voting, however, bears a high risk rate regarding the time required for the preparations of the report because its fulfillment could be extended to several hours in case of technical difficulties... For these reasons MT wants to point out that is strongly suggests the first mode of televoting which implies no limitations of the number of phone calls which would make the results available in real time during the voting procedure, while the final results would be available immediately following the end of the voting...”, MTV decided to apply the televoting from mobile and stationary phones WITHOUT LIMITATION OF THE NUMBER OF PHONE CALLS.

It was decided that the voting will be carried out via the stationary net of MT and via Mobimak and Kosmofon, at a price rate of 20 den. + 18%VAT per call.

At the latest press conference, held in MRT on 13.02.2006, the journalists were informed of the change of the National Selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest date.
The National Selection for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest is to be held on 04.03.2006 (Saturday) in the Studios 2 and 3 in MRT, starting at 20.45.

The running order of the performances at the final show was decided upon by a public draw held in the MTV show "URBAN SHICK" on the 27th of January.

The Macedonian Radio Television, on a press conference held on the 23rd of January 2006, announced the results of the Jury on the unpublished tracks entered for the anonymous competition for the NATIONAL SELECTION FOR THE 2006 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, opened on the 3rd of November 2005. MRT as a participating broadcaster, has laid down the provisions and rules for this event, in compliance with the EBU rules.

The running order of the performances at the final show will be decided upon by a public draw held in the MTV show "URBAN SHICK" and the NATIONAL SELECTION FOR THE 2006 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST will be held on the 26th of February 2006 (Sunday), starting at 20.45 CET as a 120 minutes TV show and the winner will be decided by way of tele-voting.

The national selection is a promotion and a fair competition of talents and affirmed names in the domain of popular music, with a final goal to suitably present the Republic of Macedonia at the Contest Final in Athens on the 20th of May 2006, but also a possibility for MRT to present itself as an equal partner with the broadcasters at the national competitions of the participating countries from the European family at this elite music event.

The winning song will be decided by way of tele-voting which will be completely assigned to the Macedonian Telecommunications and the two mobile operators (Mobimak and Kosmofon) and they will lay down the technical aspects of the tele-voting among themselves. Regarding the possibility to limit the number of calls during the voting procedure, coming both from the fixed and mobile phones, Macedonian Telecommunications shall inform MRT within 10 (ten) days, and Macedonian Telecommunications shall guarantee that the system is possible and safe. In case MRT receives such a guarantee, the number of phone calls will be limited, both from the mobile and the fixed phones, and the maximum number of calls will be announced in due time before the show and will be displayed on screen at the final show. The collecting voting center will be located in the facilities of Macedonian Telecommunications, and MRT will display on screen the price of the calls and provide from the mentioned companies 20 different phone numbers ending with 01-20.