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As part of her promotional tour the past weekend Elena Risteska were in Istanbul, Turkey. There she was guest on the Turkish National Television TRT ...

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Invited by the Macedonian Television girls from the Holland group “Treble” which are this year Eurosong representative from Holland were visiting Macedonia ...

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Find out more about this year Eurovision song contest which will be held in Athens - Greece
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The winning song will be decided by way of tele-voting which will be completely assigned to the Macedonian Telecommunications and the two mobile operators (Mobimak and Kosmofon) and they will lay down the technical aspects of the tele-voting among themselves.
Regarding the possibility to limit the number of calls during the voting procedure, coming both from the fixed and mobile phones, Macedonian Telecommunications shall inform MRT within 10 (ten) days, and Macedonian Telecommunications shall guarantee that the system is possible and safe. In case MRT receives such a guarantee, the number of phone calls will be limited, both from the mobile and the fixed phones, and the maximum number of calls will be announced in due time before the show and will be displayed on screen at the final show. The collecting voting center will be located in the facilities of Macedonian Telecommunications, and MRT will display on screen the price of the calls and provide from the mentioned companies 20 different phone numbers ending with 01-20.

In compliance to the suggestions of EBU, MRT will demand from the main national phone operator the following: clear announcement of the start and the end of the tele-voting, guarantee that the tele-voting will not cause interruption of the emergency calls service and that the tele-voting and the counting of the votes will end in 10 minutes. MRT will provide the physical presence of representatives of the authors at the collecting voting center during the tele-voting. The authors suggested to be represented also in Mobimak, Kosmofon and Macedonian Telecommunications.

Following the example of EBU, MRT will appoint a stand-by jury, in case a necessity arises.
The members of that jury will follow the show from a special room in MRT, and their voting will start immediately after the end of the 20th song (before the start of the tele-voting). Their results will be delivered to the to the chairpeson of the national team in charge of the voting. The stand-by jury will vote in the following way:

ten (10) of the total of twenty (20) songs will be allocated with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 points. Each member shall vote separately on a special form. The results of the voting of each member of the jury will be kept in closed envelope.
the total sum of points entered in the forms by the 9-members jury will decide the winner of the national selection.

The stand-by jury will be engaged only in case some of the results from the tele-voting are tie and only for the tying songs, by way of showing of hands by the jury members. Abstentions are nor allowed.
In case the stand-by jury is engaged, MRT has the responsibility to announce the names of that jury, but not their votes.
The winner of the national selection will be the song with the highest number of votes acquired from the tele-voting or, in the second case, the song with the highest number of votes from the stand-by jury.

All parties involved in the organization and the execution of the national selection for the 2006 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST (the host broadcaster, the artists, the journalists, etc.) must act correctly and fairly, refraining from offences and scandals in order to create a friendly mood and a feeling of a common goal – to present Macedonia in the best possible way at the 2006 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.

Public Relations Department.